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Laser Feature Finder

Perform simple dry runs with this laser attached to the nozzle before you cut parts on valuable stock.

Get a rough visual reference of where your jet stream will begin cutting by locating material features without special software. The accessory projects a laser dot within ±0.020″ of the area you plan to cut. The laser also gives you the capability to easily locate features when your material is positioned at an angle.


For further information and orders, please contact 01257 248480.




  • Easily attachable to all OMAX JetMachining® Centers
  • Includes a polarised lens to adjust the diameter of the laser dot to focus on any size material feature
  • With its simple design, the accessory operates on three A76 batteries, eliminating wiring or cabling


  • Easy to use
  • Assists in finding tiny details on your material stock
  • Promotes the ability to get the best yield out of materials

Note: This accessory is not for use during cutting operations. It does not replace the Precision Optical Locator.


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