DualBRIDGE System

Significantly increase productivity with the addition of a second bridge: simultaneously cut separate jobs on a single bed with a single operator. Available on the 80X Series, 120X Series and 160X Series, the OMAX DualBRIDGE option is ideal for high output, high-capacity jobs, or shops with limited facility space. Retrofittable to existing 80X Series, 120X Series, and 160X Series, two sets of the Intelli-MAX® Software Suite on two computers control each bridge autonomously, allowing for two discrete, independent cutting jobs to take place simultaneously.


For further information and orders, please contact 01257 248480.




  • Each bridge has the same precision as the standard single bridge OMAX JetMachining® Center
  • Automatic bridge collision detection
  • Each bridge can use any of the precision OMAX cutting head options for maximum versatility
  • You can have different accessories on each bridge, e.g. a Tilt-A-Jet® on one bridge and an A-Jet® on the other bridge
  • Up to four cutting heads on one machine


  • Eliminate down times & setup times: With a DualBRIDGE System you don’t need to stop cutting to load or unload material
  • Redundancy increases productivity: one bridge can continue cutting while the other undergoes annual inspection
  • Can use both bridges to cut one large part at the same time, greatly reducing cutting times
  • Small footprint: all the features of a second waterjet machine for the space of a pump
  • Acquire the fastest cutting configuration with multiple cutting heads and pumps on one machine