GlobalMAX 1530

The all new GlobalMAX Abrasive Waterjet System raises the bar for what you expect from an essentially featured waterjet. Compact and simple, yet still powerful and versatile, the GlobalMAX was developed, tested, and built in keeping with the OMAX philosophy of reliability and ease of use.


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Manufactured alongside our OMAX and MAXIEM JetMachining Centers at the OMAX facility in Kent, Washington, the GlobalMAX utilizes innovations and proven technologies to deliver dynamic performance while operating as ef cient as possible. The GlobalMAX delivers world class waterjet capabilities without compromise to customers in any industry.


  • Intelli-MAX Global software uses our 4th generation cutting model to deliver the fast and ef cient cutting
  • Intelli-MAX software is easy to use; operators can learn to import, draw and cut parts in one day


  • Innovative Omega Drive System provides smoother transition from rotary motion to linear motion compared to traditional rack and pinion drive systems
  • Omega Drive tooth engagement minimizes backlash and improves reliability
  • Drive system requires no lubrication which can attract and retain garnet


  • GlobalMAX pumps feature OMAX direct drive technology proven in thousands of installations worldwide
  • The highly ef cient GlobalMAX pumps convert over 85% electrical power to pure cutting power

Machine Dimensions


3.861 m x 3.660 m

Weight (tank empty)

1,800 kg

Height (with whip plumbing)

2.75 m

Operating Weight (with water in tank)

7,000 kg

Work Envelope

X-Y Cutting Travel1

3,050 mm x 1,530 mm

Z-Axis Travel1

125 mm

Table Size

3,100 mm x 1,645 mm

Pump Description

Output Pressure

3,100 bar

Ori ce and Flow Rate2

0.38 mm / 3.48 lpm (30 HP) 0.30 mm / 2.23 lpm (20 HP)


1.334 m x 0.787 m x 1.067 m

Standard Model Specifications

Maximum Supported Material Load

1,465 kg/m2


12,700 mm/min

Drive Description

  • Patent pending Omega drive system
  • Closed loop, brushless servo motors
  • Anodized drive system components

Optional Accessories

  • Terrain Follower
  • Pneumatic Drill
  • Laser Feature Finder
  • Air & Water Spray Down Kit
  • Bulk Feed Hopper
  • Tank Armor Plating
  • Rhino Board Cutting Bed
  • Water Treatment System