Laminar Filter

This settling tank efficiently cleans overflow water from the Catcher Tank for required recycling through a Closed Loop System (CLS) or for environmental disposal. When water enters the OMAX Laminar Filter, an ideal gravitational filtering process begins in the unit. The accessory contains angled plates that organise the water flow in a slow moving laminar manner. Small, lightweight particles fall a short distance before contacting the plates, where they stick together and are trapped. Clean water exits to a CLS or a disposal drain while sediment falls to the bottom of the tank, where routine removal is made easy with the integrated sediment pump system.


For further information and orders, please contact 01257 248480.




  • Available for both OMAX JetMachiningĀ® Centers and MAXIEM Centers
  • Standard Catcher Tank hose fits directly to the Laminar Filter
  • Modules of angled plates create laminar water flow to filter particles
  • Submersible sediment pump with ground fault circuit interrupter moves sediment laden water to a Dump Hopper or Catcher Tank
  • Custom rake included for pulling sediment to pump during cleaning


  • Water returning to a Closed Loop System is cleaner, extending the life of the CLS filter
  • Laminar water flow efficiently removes finer particles from water
  • Easier to clean unlike other settling tanks or bag inserts
  • Offers a means to comply with regional waste disposal regulations
  • Low operating cost: no expensive filters or bags to replace