MAXIEM Direct Drive Pump

With thousands installed worldwide, the MAXIEM® Direct Drive Pump is proven to provide reliable performance in any work environment. Utilising the same variable frequency drive technology as the market-leading OMAX EnduroMAX® pump, the MAXIEM Direct Drive Pump has the flexibility to vary the motor RPM to cover both low and high pressure operation. The pump’s three cylinders are coordinated to provide a smooth high pressure output flow, without significant pressure fluctuations. The cutting power of any waterjet system is not motor horsepower or even pump pressure, but nozzle horsepower, or JetPower™.

The MAXIEM Direct Drive Pump, due to its high efficiency, delivers some of the highest JetPower in the industry. The pump’s simple design with a minimum footprint makes it easy to install and maintain, while its eco-friendly design provides quiet and clean operation.


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  • Simple industry-proven and robust pump design
  • Highly reliable design capable of over 500 cutting hours between maintenance cycles
  • Variable Frequency Drive reduces startup power consumption and maximises operating flexibility
  • Continuous 50,000 psi operation for faster part processing
  • One of the lowest pump operating noise levels in the industry
  • Optional Water Recycling System for closed loop operation
  • Integrated charge pump with pressure tank
  • Available in 20 hp, 30 hp, and 40 hp models
  • Increased productivity with operating efficiencies up to 85%
  • The MAXIEM DualPUMP option boosts power up to 80 hp


  • Advanced direct drive pump technology lowers operating costs and increases pump operating life
  • Continuously adjustable VFD technology significantly expands pump capabilities by controlling output flow rate and pressure
  • Lower overall energy costs compared to inefficient intensifier pump designs
  • Simple design provides easy access to all major components
  • Direct drive pump technology delivers the highest JetPower in the industry for faster and more efficient cutting
  • Environmentally “green” system with quiet and clean operation and low electrical consumption
  • Made in the USA alongside the MAXIEM JetMachining® Center for maximum compatibility