OMAX 60120 Series

The small-footprint bridge-style OMAX 60120 JetMachining Center is fast and accurate, ideal for a wide range of machining needs, with one of the lowest cost per part in the industry. The large table can cut stock up to 5’ x 10’, creating complex parts out of almost any material. Challenging hard, reflective, and nonconductive materials can also be cut, making the 60120 a valuable addition to existing shop capabilities. Accessories such as the Tilt-A-Jet® for taper-free edges, A-Jet® for 3D cutting, and the Rotary Axis for 6-Axis machining increase versatility. The easy-to-use Intelli-MAX Software and the 60120 take you quickly from idea to reality.


For further information and orders, please contact 01257 248480.



  • Fastest cutting speeds and best precision compared to any abrasivejet in the industry and is backed by our exclusive Intelli-MAX® Software with real world cutting data
  • Programmable Motorized Z-Axis with a precision OMAX MAXJET®5i Nozzle Assembly can boost cutting productivity and process efficiency
  • Tilt-A-Jet taper compensating abrasivejet cutting head (available as an option)
  • Patent-pending Intelli-TRAX® traction drive inside the X-Axis beams fully enclosed inside coated steel covers
  • Scissor-style hard plumbing for low maintenance and high reliability
  • Drive system sealed against water, dirt, and grit
  • Highly efficient, industry-proven Generation 4 EnduroMAX® Pumps available up to 100 hp with operating efficiencies up to 90%
  • Rapid Water Level Control for quiet and clean submerged cutting
  • Bulk Abrasive Feed Assembly transports garnet from the assembly’s large hopper into the Zero Downtime Hopper located at the Motorized Z-Axis
  • Optional Variable Speed Solids Removal System (VS-SRS) designed for tough industrial use increases uptime through automated solids removal
  • Shipped as a completely pre-assembled and factory-tested system


  • Machines a wide range of materials and thicknesses, from metals to glass
  • Does not create heat-affected zones or mechanical stresses
  • No tool changes and minimal fixturing reduces setup by 50% or more
  • No additional water required for pump cooling
  • Small, efficient footprint for minimal floorspace utilisation
  • Leaves behind a satin-smooth edge, reducing secondary operations
  • No noxious gases, liquid and oils used in, or caused by, the machining process
  • EnduroMAX pump technology delivers the highest nozzle horsepower in the industry for faster and more efficient cutting
  • Completes most work below 80 dBA at one meter for submerged cutting
  • Environmentally “green” system with quiet and clean operation with low electrical consumption
  • Highly robust and reliable pump design capable of over 1000 hours between maintenance