Rhino Board

Rhino Board is the best sacrificial water-jet cutting surface to reach the UK market, working excellently with both abrasive and non-abrasive water-jet cutting.


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The innovatively designed sheets give an even flat cutting surface and save precious installation time, filling a bed in seconds.Rhino Board’s polypropylene honeycomb core sheets are comprised of cylindrical polyolefin tube straws bonded into a close packed hexagonal matrix to produce a low bulk density core material.

A Rhino Board sheet weighs less than a comparable amount of the old style bricks currently available, (approximately 48% less) which saves on shipping costs and does not affect the durability of the product.

As the main UK distributor, we stock a variety of sheet sizes and can also cut to specific requirements.

Longer Lasting – Rhino Board may be easily repaired thus reducing frequency of maintenance and replacement

Simple & Fast – Rhino Board eliminates having to build a bed out of smaller bricks which is time consuming during setup and removal.

More Durable – Rhino board will not fall apart – there are no screws used due to the patented bonding process, making repairs to the Rhino Board possible with a simple hot glue gun.

Environmentally Friendly – Rhino Board creates less polypropylene residue in the water tank, reducing cleaning operations and maintenance, saving you time and money. Rhino Board can be recycled.