Built-in Cornering Strategies Improve Cutting Speed and Precision

OMAX waterjet software includes a corner handling feature that analyzes all the corners in a part file and automatically sets the optimal cutting speed for each individual corner. For outside corners, a “corner passing” strategy is used where the cutting head passes through the corner and into the scrap material without slowing, then reverses direction, returns to the corner, and continues along the cutting path. Most users find that using this corner passing feature reduces cut times by about 35%, depending on part geometry and material. Corner passing also makes more precise parts since slowing down the jetstream can result in increased taper. OMAX software makes it easy to get great results in terms of speed, precision and cost.

Optimized for Speed, Power, and Precision

Machining better parts faster and more efficiently is the end goal, and the OMAX Intelli-MAX Software Suite includes features and enhancements to achieve those results. Advanced cutting features such as Intelli-TAPER and Intelli-CORNER work alongside useful tools such as AutoPathing and XData to maximize speed, power and precision.

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