Advanced, cost-effective, wet abrasive blast cleaning technology.


Aquajet are pleased to announce their collaboration with SandBOT – the new high powered, abrasive cleaning system. Designed and developed in Poland, this new innovative technology is now available to the UK market.

  • The highly efficient wet abrasive blast system employs a mixture or air, water and garnet through an extending hose and nozzle to the chosen surface for excellent cleaning results.
  • This multi-purpose and portable pneumatic system reduces dust emissions by 95%.
  • The method does not damage the material structure and offers a reliable, versatile and efficient hydro-blasting system.

Using highly pressured water, air and abrasive, this surface preparation system offers safe and effective dust-free cleaning to the engineering and construction industries.

Technical data:

Tank Volume 100 I
Weight (dry abrasive) 150kg
Total weight 300kg
Height: 1500mm
Width: 600mm
Depth: 800mm
Water consumption: 2-6 I/min
Abrasive consumption: max 2-6kg/min
Abrasive type: standard sand type abrasive
Nozzles: 4-16mm
Abrasive jet pressure: 3-8 bar
Pressure & Air consumption: 3-8 bar; 3-7m3/min

This surface preparation system is incredibly versatile and environmentally friendly offering sophisticated, multi-purpose cleaning capabilities. SandBOT is able to work in harsh off-shore conditions such as on drilling vessels, submarines and cargo carriers, as well as less hostile environments such as construction sites and factory settings. SandBOT can easily clear or remove traffic marks from highways and is highly effective at removing graffiti from any surface. The abrasive blasting method has also been used for the removal of underwater flora!

Main advantages of SandBOT:

  • Environmentally friendly, portable, efficient and cost effective
  • A wide range of abrasives can be used including: garnet, copper, livine, synthetic and also spent garnet. The abrasive does not have to be dry to use in this blasting system!
  • High efficiency – the wet abrasive particles are heavier allowing for greater kinetic energy and limited dust emissions.
  • Extended hose and nozzle life due to lower friction provided by the water.

A wide range of SandBOT applications makes it the most multi-purpose and efficient sand jet cleaning system on the market.

More information:

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