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Aquajet are the experts in water jet cutting systems and technology. We have been the UK partner of OMAX, a Hypertherm associate brand since 1995 and our experience guarantees you superior advice, knowledge and service. At our demonstration facility we have four machines available for you to view, enabling you to assess the suitability of the waterjet process for yourself and offering an opportunity to meet the team who will support your waterjet journey. We will show you step by step how quick and easy it is to get from an idea or drawing, through to cutting a test part, all in a friendly, easy-going environment.

Omax was established in 1993 to harness state-of-the-art technologies to make high-pressure abrasivejet machining practical, affordable, and easy to use – since then OMAX have become the world leader in abrasive waterjet systems, designing and producing their own machine controller, software, pump, and tables. OMAX Corporation is a global leader and recognised manufacturer in the field of advanced abrasive waterjet systems. These machines cut virtually all materials and thicknesses with unmatched speed and precision.

OMAX abrasive waterjet end users are manufacturers, makers, designers, innovators, and thinkers redefining how concepts become reality.

Abrasive waterjet machining is one of the fastest growing manufacturing processes out there, and OMAX continues to lead the way in waterjet innovation to offer the precision, affordability and ease of use that customers demand for a broad range of industries. As the global leader in advanced abrasive waterjet systems, we continue to expand versatility, improve precision, lower operational costs, and increase profitability through constant innovation in abrasive waterjet technology.

Taper compensation, 5-axis, 6-axis, garnet removal, scissor plumbing, rapid water level control etc … OMAX waterjet accessories allow you to customise your cutting, enabling your shop to get jobs done exactly to specification. Multi-axis cutting, tank enhancements, and z-axis accessories reduce downtime, while waterjet treatment keeps your machining running smoothly between maintenance cycles.

OMAX Corporation's advanced direct drive technology delivers the most nozzle horsepower, or Jet Power, of any waterjet pump. This translates to more production and less downtime.

OMAX direct drive pumps provide:

  • Faster and smoother cutting due to reduced pressure ripples
  • Maximised operating cycles thanks to advanced hardened materials
  • Simplified maintenance thanks to service-friendly design
  • Reduced user involvement through automation and advanced pump monitoring

All this combined makes OMAX direct drive pumps the most efficient and cost-effective waterjet pump technology in the world.

We have a large range of genuine OMAX spare parts and accessories that are fully tested for functionality and reliability. Using OMAX genuine parts ensures that your waterjet machines operate correctly and perform at their optimal levels whilst minimising downtime. Click here to learn more.

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Ask us for a test cut to experience the OMAX difference “It’s real-life results that count”. We have an OMAX 60120 with Tilt A Jet, MAXIEM 2040 with A-Jet,  Maxiem 1515 with Motorised Z Axis and a ProtoMAX in our demonstration facility, which you are welcome to visit or alternatively we can cut you some sample parts.

Are you thinking of investing in a waterjet?

Whatever the reason, we have a long history of supporting new and existing businesses with a wide range of built-in features and aftermarket service.

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OptiMAX 80X

OptiMAX Waterjet Cutting Systems

The OMAX OptiMAX is the culmination of three decades of engineering expertise and experience, resulting in the world's most accurate waterjet designed for maximum uptime in any manufacturing environment. OptiMAX has industry-leading cutting speeds and precision, is environmentally friendly allowing you to cut more with less waste and utilises intelligent software to maximise overall productivity.

Omax Waterjet Cutting Systems

OMAX JetMachining Centres are designed to deliver high precision parts quickly and efficiently, maximising productivity. Utilising the most advanced computer control system available for abrasive waterjet machines, the OMAX JetMachining Centre is fast, accurate, and versatile. Whatever the reason, OMAX is there. We have a long history of supporting new and growing businesses with a wide range of built-in features and aftermarket service. We can help new start-up Waterjet Companies with a business plan, cashflow generator and marketing advice.

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maxiem 2030

MAXIEM Waterjet Cutting Systems

The MAXIEM JetMachining Center delivers superior performance, expanded versatility, and high productivity at an affordable price. Expert factory training and a global network of technical support specialists make it easy for expert and novice waterjet users to experience the latest in advanced abrasive waterjet technology.

GlobalMAX Waterjet Cutting Systems

Essential, easy to use and powerful, GlobalMAX is ideal for the facility looking to add basic waterjet cutting capabilities. The robust and straightforward design delivers dependable performance and easy serviceability to provide maximum uptime. The GlobalMAX JetMachining Center was developed, tested, and built in keeping with the OMAX philosophy of performance, reliability, and ease of use. The GlobalMAX product line is manufactured and assembled alongside our OMAX and MAXIEM waterjet lines in Kent, Washington.

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ProtoMAX Waterjet Cutting Systems

The first high-performance compact abrasive waterjet. Engineered by the best minds in the abrasive waterjet industry and powered by OMAX technology, the revolutionary ProtoMAX is designed for quick and precise abrasive waterjet cutting. Capable of powering through almost any material, the ProtoMAX is the ideal solution for prototyping or small-scale production.


The MicroMAX is the industry’s most precise abrasive waterjet with a positioning accuracy of less than five microns. The machine is capable of cutting extremely small parts in virtually any material. The advanced Tilt-A-Jet cutting head on the machine allows for taper-free edges and rapid cutting speeds.


What is a waterjet machine?

Waterjet machining is one of the fastest-growing machining processes today.

How Does A Waterjet Work?

The Waterjet pump generates a flow of pressurised water for the cutting process.

Waterjet Cutting Compared

Waterjet cutting offers many benefits when compared with other cutting methods.

The History of Waterjet

Using water as a cutting method for soft materials has been around for decades.

What Materials Can A Waterjet Cut?

Waterjets can cut composites, metals, glass, stone, concrete, ceramics & rubber.

What to Consider Before Buying

Applications, environmental considerations, operating & maintaining costs.

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At Aquajet, we take immense pride in our reputation and the glowing customer reviews. We understand that a positive reputation is built on exceptional products, outstanding service and the trust and satisfaction of our valued customers.

"I have found over the years Aquajet have always given 120% in customer service. A pleasure to do business with."

Keith Webster

"Absolutely amazing service. Very quick and professional. I will definitely be using this company again."

Phil Grant

"Brilliant service from these guys. Clean cuts precision on point. Would recommend."

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