Omax Waterjet Spare Parts

Genuine high performance spare parts are only available from OMAX

Being the authorised UK distributor these can be purchased from Aquajet.

We have a large range of genuine OMAX spare parts and accessories that are fully tested for functionality and reliability. Using OMAX genuine parts ensures that your waterjet machines operate correctly and perform at their optimal levels whilst minimising downtime.


Quality & Precision

OMAX genuine spare parts meet critical dimensions and tolerances and are manufactured from the correct alloys and material grades.

Less Downtime

Our support technicians can quickly and accurately troubleshoot issues when maintenance and repairs are made with OMAX genuine spare parts.

Designed & Tested

OMAX genuine spare parts are fully tested for functionality and reliability and are designed by the same engineers who developed your OMAX system.

Maximise Performance

Using OMAX genuine parts ensures your high pressure plumbing, precision systems and pump components operate at optimal level

Are you looking for OMAX spare parts?

We stock a wide range of OMAX spare parts and accessories. We can supply you with a recommended spares inventory that you should stock, to help minimise production downtime. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be more than happy to assist.