Cut Uneven Surfaces with the Terrain Follower

The OMAX Terrain Follower allows a JetMachining Center to automatically cut all parts from materials with irregular or warped surfaces without the need for special programming.

The Terrain Follower attaches directly to the A-Jet. Changes in a material’s height are detected and the nozzle automatically makes the required height adjustments, maintaining the necessary nozzle standoff to avoid collision with warped surfaces and protecting the nozzle and related hardware from damage.

Benefits & Features

  • High resolution magnetic encoder senses change in material height
  • All electrical cabling is shielded from the abrasive waterjet environment
  • Designed with robust packaging, O-ring seals, and splash guards
  • All A-Jet accessories contain mounting features to add on a Terrain Follower device
  • Adjusts automatically to uneven surfaces, reduces need for additional programming
  • Reduces potential equipment damage from nozzle collisions due to warped material
  • Simple setup and operation
  • No special programming required
  • No requirement to map the elevation of your material; simply move the nozzle to where you want to begin cutting and push start
  • Designed specifically to operate in an abrasive waterjet environment
  • Completely retrofittable to all existing A-Jet accessories