Intelli-MAX Custom Reports

OMAX Intelli-MAX Software goes beyond fast cutting with our powerful custom reporting tools. With the custom reporting tools, that fast part cutting time is translated into a total cost per part estimation and then formatted into a user-customised form for the client. Since our cut time estimates are extremely precise, the overall part cost will be accurate as well.

Intelli-MAX File Output Formats
Output Options
The reports created by Intelli-MAX can be displayed in different formats, from basic text files to colourful, graphic-rich spreadsheets and documents to full-featured HTML Web pages. MAKE comes with several simple examples to use, with custom features such as cut times, materials, and even an image of the part file.

Full Customisation
Powerful yet simple language variable tags make creating your own custom report fast and easy. With a comprehensive variable list and multiple examples to work from, your own branded and unique reports can provide all the information your client needs, from estimating to invoicing.