Intelli-VISOR Advanced System Monitoring

Predictive maintenance is made possible with Intelli-VISOR, the advanced system monitoring package included free with the innovative Intelli-MAX Software Suite.

With the OMAX Intelli-VISOR System Monitoring Package, you can increase efficiency and reduce downtime by connecting operation controls with machine maintenance and upkeep. While our machines support MTConnect, Intelli-VISOR goes much further by integrating real-time cutting data from different devices across the OMAX or MAXIEM JetMachining Center through its streamlined software interface and robust machine sensor network.

Running in parallel with other programs in the Intelli-MAX Software Suite, Intelli-VISOR is both simple and highly adaptable for the end user. A comprehensive alert system keeps you connected and aware of your machine’s status to maximize productivity.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-User Notification System including email and SMS text messaging
  • Advanced Data Logging with export functionality
  • Customisable pause and alert triggers
  • Customisable Software Display Interface
  • Preventative maintenance planning to reduce production downtime
  • Monitor pump pressure, abrasive levels and cutting activity to improve production
  • Proactively pauses the machine before resources are exhausted
  • Ensure proper pump pressure for optimal performance
  • Predict potential interruptions before starting a cut

Enhanced Control

The heart of the Intelli-VISOR System Monitoring Package is its modules. Modules are custom-programmed parameters that gather data from the sensor suite and process it according to the limits set by the user. When a limit is reached, the module logs the data and can send an alert to the controller PC, or with an Internet connection, to an email address or cell phone text message. The modules can also pause the machine to protect the cutting head and the part being cut.

Maintenance Tracking

  • Preloaded with maintenance tracking modules
  • Notifies up to four people via email or SMS text message
  • Integrates maintenance features into the Intelli-MAX Software Suite

Pump Monitoring

  • Improves communication with the pump controller
  • Pauses machine when pump fault occurs or water pressure is outside specified window
  • Provides feedback for charge pump pressure, filter pressure drop, pump water temperature and supply water tank level

Abrasive Monitoring

  • Improves reliability and usability of machine
  • Constant feedback on abrasive levels helps manage supply
  • Sensors monitor the Bulk Hopper Supply and Carriage Hopper Level