New OptiMAX by OMAX

The culmination of three decades of OMAX engineering expertise and user experience, the OptiMAX is designed for manufacturers in need of a versatile, easy-to-use cutting system to increase the capability and efficiency of their operation. It offers OMAX’s groundbreaking, intuitive software for optimized cutting capability and power, along with enhanced automation to maximize uptime so users can deliver finished products faster. New and improved features include:

  • IntelliMAX premium software, designed for incredible ease of use and operation quickly following installation. Incorporating decades of proprietary waterjet cutting models, no other system can consistently produce parts as rapidly or capably.
  • IntelliVISOR console with key metrics to optimize operations and complete system monitoring that helps avoid unplanned downtime.
  • EnduroMAX pump that automatically sets the correct pressure and minimizes fluctuations to improve component life, while offering the most efficient waterjet pump technology in the market.
  • IntelliTRAX drive system with advanced motion control for further increased system robustness and reliability. Virtually no maintenance is required compared to more conventional ball screw and rack and pinon drive systems.
  • New garnet delivery system to further minimize downtime.

Combined with an optional Tilt-A-JET taper compensation head, the new OptiMAX waterjet line is the most accurate system on the market.

The OptiMAX represents the pinnacle in abrasive waterjet cutting,” said Arion Vandergon, Waterjet Product Marketing Manager. “It builds upon everything OMAX has learned during the past three decades to deliver the most capable and efficient waterjet cutting system available today enabling optimal cutting outcomes for our customers.

Like every OMAX system, all OptiMAX products include comprehensive after-sales service, unlimited free training, and software upgrades, as well as a host of efficiency centered resources to maximize uptime and keep customers cutting.

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