OMAX Chiller System

For utmost efficiency and high performance constancy in your abrasive waterjet system, delivering uniform cool water to your pump is critical. The air-cooled OMAX Chiller optimally supplies inlet water at a consistent temperature, which extends pump seal life for longer, more sustainable production. OMAX is keenly aware of the impact its systems have on the environment, so the OMAX Chiller uses R407c, an environmentally friendly refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential. Using the 5 Ton Chiller or larger also allows for seamless interaction with the OMAX Water Recycling System to significantly reduce overall water consumption.

Features & Benefits

  • Controls the inlet water temperature entering your pump equipment
  • Reduces pump rebuilds and machine downtime
  • Designed for ambient temperatures from 35°F (1°C) to 100°F (37°C)
  • Stainless steel evaporator
  • Powder-coated steel cabinet
  • Single point electrical connection into disconnect
  • Hermetically sealed scroll compressor
  • Removable filter screen on air inlet
  • Ranco microprocessor temperature controller with LCD display
  • NEMA 12/4 electrical enclosure, fully gasketed with lockable disconnect
  • High side filter drier
  • 1/2” NPT inlet and outlet piping connectors
  • Thermostatic expansion valve
  • Liquid line sight glass
  • High and low side pressure switches
  • Environmentally friendly R407c refrigerant
  • Multiple Schrader access points
  • Vibration isolators