OMAX Education Package

Building tomorrow’s engineers and machinists today is essential to advancing modern manufacturing. The OMAX Education Package is designed to help your educational institution teach new students about modern abrasive waterjet machining. A perfect fit for your school’s shop, lab, or research & development facility, OMAX abrasive waterjets can machine a wide range of materials, from tool steel to carbon fiber, composites, glass, and more, and features high reliability with 500 hours or more between maintenance cycles.

The OMAX Intelli-MAX Software Suite is ideal for teaching new students about coordinate geometry, 2D CAD programming, and 3D machining limitations. The software is compatible with virtually every CAD/CAM system, so it integrates well with existing engineering and design programs.

From the MicroMAX for high precision prototyping to the MAXIEM for mainstream production to the OMAX for large scale manufacturing, the OMAX Education Package is ready to help you put an abrasive waterjet system in your high school, vocational school, community college, or university.