OMAX is turning 25!

25 years ago, the founders of OMAX believed that a company could thrive in manufacturing with a focus on abrasive waterjets. Their mission, to provide precise, easy-to-use, cost effective, standardized, reliable, high quality abrasive waterjets with superior after-sales service, has endured to become a leading company in the industry. They celebrate their milestone not by listing their accomplishments, but by celebrating their customers and the employees that made it possible.

For example, 10 to 15% of OMAX customers are entrepreneurs starting businesses with an OMAX waterjet. A few of those start-ups have evolved into manufacturing powerhouses with enormous waterjet cutting capacity. They’re proud of the contributions that all customers, big and small, have made to the aerospace, automotive, construction and transportation industries (to name a few). Browsing their customer success stories only scratches the surface of these major accomplishments.

Their employees are also at the core of OMAX success. Dr. John Olsen, our VP of operations and co-founder, is responsible for developing abrasive jet innovations such as the high-pressure intensifier-style and EnduroMAX direct drive pump, taper-eliminating cutting head, and advanced software cutting models. And he is still going. He leads an engineering and R&D team with over 550 combined years of experience. Carl Olsen, director of software engineering, leads a team with over 100 combined years of experience, and John Petras, director of customer service, leads a team of internal and external abrasive waterjet technicians with over 400 combined years of experience. All of their nearly 400 employees, from machinists and engineers to shipping clerks, QA inspectors, accountants, software testers and everyone in-between, are committed applying their expertise in delivering on our mission.