OMAX’s Vlad Bucur will be presentation on the IMTS Spark Conference

Vlad Bucur of OMAX Corp will discuss the versatility and capability of abrasive waterjet in a job shop setting. From titanium, carbon fiber, foam and glass, a waterjet is an essential multi-tool for fabricators looking towards the future.

In terms of types of material cut, an abrasive waterjet is the most versatile cutting method available. Where laser is limited to non-reflective materials, abrasive waterjet cuts virtually every material available. Waterjets are currently being used to cut stone, brass, carbon steel, glass-refined plastics, and so much more.

You may be cutting mild steel today, but what about tomorrow? For fabrication shops, single purpose machines can be a deal breaker; and for manufacturers, it can be limiting. Shops don’t want to turn away customers due to inadequate capabilities. Manufacturers don’t want to eat the cost of retooling with product changes. In the rapidly changing world of machining, you need a tool that can accommodate variation. With a waterjet, you can be assured you have the right cutting tool to easily work whatever material your company may come across.

Tuesday, December 1 • 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Central

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