ProtoMAX – High Performance Personal Abrasive Waterjet

The ProtoMAX® abrasive waterjet from OMAX is designed for prototyping, light industry, technical education, artists and the maker movement. Although compact, the ProtoMAX delivers 30,000 psi cutting power with a 5 hp pump and can precision cut material under 1” thick of almost any type, from metal to composites, glass to granite, plastic to wood, and more. The ProtoMAX cuts with no heat-affected zone and no change to the material properties. The waterjet plugs into a 240V AC dryer-style outlet and does not require any hard wiring. The pump and cutting table are on casters for easy relocation. Work material is submerged under water for clean, quiet cutting that won’t disrupt a shared work space.



We recently received our ProtoMAX at Aquajet, and were surprised by how compact a machine the ProtoMAX is. We’re used to the large scale waterjet cutting machines from OMAX for commercial use! Installation took a hour or two, after which we were blown away by how versatile this machine is. Installation was straight forward, with simple to follow videos available from OMAX. The programming of part files and the cutting operation are controlled by Intelli-MAX software. Everything is self-contained, there is no splashing, quiet when running and you can easily be producing parts within a couple of hours.

Overall, we are very impressed by the ProtoMAX. The ProtoMAX unit integrates both the cutting components and pump into a compact footprint making it ideal for small machine shops, personal work spaces, schools, colleges and small businesses. Casters allow for easy movement. With the clam shell cover and submerged cutting, ProtoMAX is a safe and quiet (approx. 76 db) iteration of a light industrial abrasive waterjet.