Smooth and Consistent: The 100HP EnduroMAX Pump

The 100HP Pump with EnduroMAX technology is a bold, new approach that delivers more power and a smoother jet than any other pump. Newly developed from proven technology, the OMAX 100HP Pump promises exceptional power that pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

Delivering 30% more JetPower to the cutting head compared to the best intensifier pump designs, the EnduroMAX 100HP Pump cuts faster, smoother, and more efficiently than any other 100HP Pump at any pressure.

Technical Specs

Motor Power 100 hp
Maximum JetPower* 85.0 hp

Pressure Specifications
Output Pressure 60,000 psi
Orifice & Flow Rate ** 0.022″ / 2.25 gpm

Pump Dimensions
Footprint – (L x W) 62.0″ x 44.0″
Height 44.0″

* JetPower is directly proportional to the water pressure at the nozzle times the volume flow rate of the waterjet stream.
** Recommended maximum orifice size. Smaller orifice sizes have a corresponding lower flow rate.

Benefits & Features

  • The industry’s first reliable 60,000 psi 100hp ultra-high pressure direct drive pump design
  • Variable Frequency Drive eliminates in-rush current peaks and maximizes operating flexibility
  • Maximises production with the longest maintenance intervals in the industry
  • EnduroMAX pump technology delivers the highest JetPower per installed electric horsepower for faster and more efficient cutting
  • Continuous 60,000 psi operation for faster part processing
  • Provides 30% more cutting power at the nozzle, comparable to today’s 135hp intensifier design
  • Synchronized cylinders provide smoothest jet flow
  • 5th Generation direct drive pump technology enables the highest efficiency and reliability of any 100 hp pump
  • Simple, durable pump design with long-life dynamic seals
  • Independent cylinders for easy modular maintenance
  • Twice the power for only a 5% increase in footprint
  • Continuously adjustable VFD technology significantly expands capabilities by controlling output flow rate and pressure
  • Lower overall energy costs compared to intensifier technology
  • Uses significantly less water than leading intensifier pump designs with the same JetPower
  • Environmentally “green” system with quiet and clean operation

Delivering 30% more JetPower to the cutting head compared to the best intensifier pump designs, the 100HP Pump with EnduroMAX Technology cuts faster, smoother and more efficiently.