Technology – The Perfect Complement

Keeping up with the times has been the name of the game for Perfection Fabricators Inc. In the forty years since their doors opened for business, the successful fabrication shop has grown to four times its original size. The continuing increase in job orders has meant a need to cut an increasing number of material types. To keep up with demand, Perfection added a laser-cutting machine in 2011 and complemented it with a MAXIEM 1530 JetMachining Center with a 30-hp, 22-kW direct-drive pump in 2015.

Why a Waterjet Cutter? “There were materials that we just could not cut with the laser,” says Gerken. “We knew nothing about waterjet cutting, but we knew that we could use that process to cut them. We had a market for it…always some odd job requests using plastic or glass, and thicker than 0.5 in.” As these requests increased,the company performed its due diligence, and decided on the Maxiem from Omax, which can cut parts from many materials, including metal alloys, plastic, glass, ceramics, stone and composites, directly from CAD drawings or DXF files.

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