Waterjet Compared

OMAX will be doing the first  Virtual Trade Show in 2021 titled, “Waterjet Compared”.  It will be Thursday, February 25th at 5PM GMT.

The “Waterjet Compared” Virtual Trade Show will focus on how waterjet compares to traditional machining methods.  How does a waterjet fit into a shop that already uses technologies such as laser and plasma.

We encourage you to invite your prospects and your customers to attend this exciting event and share it on your Social Media posts.  Your customers and prospects will also hear, how waterjet can be used as a complimentary machine to speed up production and generate more parts in less time so shops can make more money and be more competitive in bidding jobs.

Presenters will be Mr. Jesse Bronson and Mr. Tim Holcomb.

Thursday, February 25th from 5pm – 6pm GMT.