Adding a Waterjet to Your Machine Shop

Every precision CNC machine shop contains multiple types of equipment. They often utilize mills, lathes, multi-axis machine centers, grinders, EDM machines, and precision hones. The goal of any machine shop is to add value to a product through the manufacturing process. Abrasive waterjet machines have a common place within a machine shop because they add value by eliminating non-value-add time and creating geometrics that are both common and/or not possible with traditional CNC machines. In part three of Complementary Machining, we’ll take a look at how waterjet works in unison with other manufacturing and fabrication methods as well as a waterjet’s return on a capital investment.

OMAX abrasive waterjets are the Swiss Army Knives of the machine tool world. Abrasive waterjet can: cut with a small kerf like a saw, cut external geometry for near net production, cut round parts like a lathe, cut square parts like a mill, cut complex parts like a wire EDM, and cut slots like a broach. This advanced versatility allows waterjet to be a large multi-tasker in your machine shop or to complement your other machine tools by balancing capacities.

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