High School Robotics meets GlobalMAX

The engineering program has three classes: Robotics, Design and Precision Machining, and Computer Science,” said Marcus Edwards, Terrell Independent School District’s (ISD) robotics coach and manufacturing teacher. “Our facility has three rooms that are 60×40 feet. There are 40 machines in these spaces that range from 3D printers to our GlobalMAX 1530.

Two years ago, Edwards was given the opportunity to build the Robotics/Engineering Program at Terrell ISD in Terrell, TX. Since then he has introduced students to manufacturing procedures, fabricating methods, and prototyping practices. “Each year there has been a push to expose the students to design, programming, and machining within the robotics field. There is a strong team that is creating great experiences for the Terrell High School students,” said Edwards.

In 2018, Terrell purchased their GlobalMAX 1530 as a way to expand their material cutting capabilities while introducing their students to advanced machining technology. Terrell’s three shops already housed a CNC mill, CNC lathes, full-spectrum lasers, a CNC router, a Kuka Robots, and an array of different 3D printers. “We knew that we had a bottleneck within our production with our router so we went after a solution that would prove to be the key to our problem,” explained Edwards. “We choose OMAX because they are conspiring for the young engineers.

The GlobalMAX 1530 is an essential, reliable OMAX brand abrasive waterjet. This value-focused abrasive waterjet can cut almost any material and a wide variety of thicknesses without any heat-affected zone. The GlobalMAX line was designed around simplicity and durability with a minimal overall footprint to give even more options to shops looking to add waterjet capabilities. The 1530 model features a cutting bed of 10’ 0” x 5’ 0”, an efficient direct drive pump and a number of accessories.

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