Intelli-MAX: Think Smarter

Cutting with a CNC tool, like a mill, can be relatively straightforward due to the availability of lookup tables, machinist handbooks, and simple formulas for determining cut speeds based on the material being worked with. However, when it comes to using flexible cutting tools such as plasma, laser, and waterjet, these calculations become significantly more complex. The cutting stream of these tools flexes and changes shape depending on the speed of the nozzle movement, adding layers of complexity, especially when considering the geometry of the part being cut. Addressing these challenges requires advanced controller software.

IntelliMAX Software:

In response to this complexity, the optimal solution lies in an integrated software system like the OMAX IntelliMAX® Software Suite. Conceived by Dr. John Olsen and Carl Olsen with the concept of “compute first, then cut,” IntelliMAX stands out as the first software explicitly designed for waterjet machining. Developed through close collaboration between software and mechanical engineers, coupled with extensive access to testing facilities and highly skilled application specialists, IntelliMAX represents the pinnacle of waterjet cutting modeling. Evolved through rigorous theoretical research, followed by practical testing and refinement, the IntelliMAX cutting model, now in its fourth iteration, consistently empowers OMAX waterjet systems to achieve faster and cleaner cuts compared to non-integrated software systems, thereby maximizing shop productivity.

An additional advantage of an integrated software system is its ability to enhance understanding of cutting mechanics, particularly when dealing with new or unique materials whose cutting properties may not be well-known. With direct access to both hardware and software engineers, OMAX technical support can swiftly resolve unique material cutting challenges and incorporate solutions into future software updates.

Beyond cutting advantages, IntelliMAX incorporates other invaluable features for machine tool operation, including advanced system monitoring. This feature ensures optimal machine performance by providing timely alerts for issues such as water pressure drops and intelligently scheduling pump maintenance outside of production hours to minimize downtime.

Moreover, IntelliMAX offers a scripting engine that extends capabilities to enhance production on OMAX waterjets. Operators can easily customize the software to automate tasks, modify cut paths in the machine controller software (MAKE), or even create custom applications or plug-ins. This scripting capability enables unprecedented levels of automation and shop customization, allowing waterjet machining to seamlessly integrate into existing shop processes.

With its comprehensive features and ongoing innovation, IntelliMAX continues to set the standard for waterjet control software, empowering manufacturers to achieve unparalleled efficiency and precision in their operations.