Next Generation MAXIEM

OMAX® Corporation Raises the Bar With its Next Generation MAXIEM® Line
Product redesign delivers best price-to-performance ratio in abrasive waterjet technology

OMAX Corporation takes the price-to-performance ratio in abrasive waterjet cutting technology a huge leap forward with the launch of its next generation MAXIEM machines. Now categorised as JetMachining® Centers, these significantly advanced versions pack even more productivity enhancing features that will further increase output and boost profitability.

The next generation MAXIEM JetMachining Center product line encompasses five machine models that far exceed customer demands for cost-efficient, yet high-performance waterjet cutting technology. Never before has such a high level of abrasive waterjet technology been so accessible to fabrication and job shops, OEMs, metal service centers, trade schools, and architectural, sign, stone and gasket shops as it is with MAXIEM machines.

The next generation MAXIEM lineup continues the tradition of easy-to-use, reliable and efficient abrasive waterjet machines designed and built in the United States. The most recent versions feature updated linear drive systems, an innovative Z-axis core with optional multi-axis cutting heads and the lowest ceiling height in the industry, along with several additional machine enhancements that include faster cutting speeds, streamlined abrasive hopper designs, self-leveling base legs, and more. Shops gain the highest levels of waterjet cutting capability at the lowest possible capital equipment investment.