OMAX® Corporation Introduces 100-hp Ultra-High Pressure Direct-Drive Pump

The addition of the 100-hp model extends OMAX’s line of EnduroMAX pumps, which includes 30-hp, 40-hp, and 50-hp models. The pump provides increased efficiency, improved reliability and lower operating costs by delivering more JetPower at the nozzle, equal to today’s 135-hp intensifier designs.

The 100-hp pump with EnduroMAX technology increases efficiency by delivering 30 percent more horsepower to the cutting nozzle, compared with a 100-hp intensifier pump. This increase in JetPower creates a more powerful abrasive stream for faster cutting speeds and higher productivity, and the improved efficiency results in less wear and tear and maintenance. The pump provides a stable jet stream up to eight times smoother than intensifier pumps, significantly reducing wear on high pressure plumbing and fittings.

The 100-hp pump also uses Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology that tailors power and water consumption to an application for powerful and precise cutting. With VFD technology, the 100-hp pump has increased power and water efficiency and seamless pressure control, all while eliminating inrush current and reducing maintenance.

OMAX’s direct-drive pumps, which have been proven in over 3,000 installations worldwide, use less electricity and up to 75 percent less water than intensifier pumps, making them environmentally “green” and lowering operating costs. In addition, their quiet operation makes for a safer working environment.