The patent-pending A-Jet® is a complete software-controlled, multi-axis accessory that features the flexibility to automatically compensate for taper, as well as cut severe angles up to 60° off vertical.

The A-Jet cuts countersunk holes and precision shapes with beveled edges at angles specified by the user. The accessory supplies additional axes of motion, allowing the operator to fabricate and shape metal edges for weld preparation.

The dynamic A-Jet is capable of a high level of positioning accuracy, resulting in parts that need no secondary finishing.

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  • High resolution magnetic encoder senses change in material height
  • Automatically maintains nozzle standoff throughout the cutting process
  • All electrical cabling is shielded from the abrasive waterjet environment
  • Designed with robust packaging, O-ring seals, and splash guards
  • All A-Jet accessories contain mounting features to add on a Terrain Follower device
  • Quick and easy removal/attachment of the Terrain Follower accessory


  • Adjusts automatically to uneven surfaces, reduces need for additional programming
  • Meet required tolerances and deliver competitively priced, accurate parts cut from economical, non-precision material
  • Simple setup and operation
  • No special programming required
  • Auto standoff
  • Designed specifically to operate in an abrasive waterjet environment
  • Completely retrofittable to all existing A-Jet accessories
  • Designed with the experience of the proven original Terrain Follower concept, which has over 200 active units in the field
  • Quick and easy removal of the Terrain Follower accessory when you want extra clearance for specific jobs

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